Birth Doula Services $1600

I am partnered with an amazing doula named Mercedes Snyder. Her website is Our fee is $1600. We believe it is important for you (the birthing person and/or partner) to have someone to provide that much needed support during the very special and vulnerable time of labor and birth. Our fee includes 2 prenatal visits, one of us being present during your labor and birth, and 1-2 postpartum visits. As your doulas, we will work to provide comfort, reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, provide evidence based information, make suggestions throughout your labor progression and assist with massaging, positioning, and relaxation techniques as required. One of the biggest positives about us being in a partnership is that you know and already have a relationship with the primary back up doula.

Both of us are also contracted doulas through the Swedish Doula Program at the First Hill and Issaquah locations. 

NOT OFFERING AT THIS TIME Placenta Encapsulation $200

As your Placenta Encapsulator, I will pick up your placenta from your birthing place and prepare your capsules. You will receive your completed placenta capsules within 2-4 days after your birth unless otherwise specified for your convenience. 

NOT OFFERING AT THIS TIME Birth Photography $500-1200

I am currently looking to build my portfolio as a Birth Photographer because I believe it is important to capture as many moments of your birth as possible. I say this because you are only going to experience this birth just this once. This service is intended to take the stress of capturing the moment away from you and into the hands of someone else so you and your family can focus on the task at hand of bringing your baby earthside. 

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